How long will it take my order to arrive?

Please see our Shipping Policy for delivery timeframes. Very often orders are received by our customers sooner than the estimated shipping timelines detailed in our Shipping Policy, often arriving in 12-21 days, but please reference our Shipping Policy. There may be some postage delays at certain check-in points where you may see your tracking status become "stuck" - please be patient as the postal service is at times facing backlog. Delivery may take longer to arrive to some countries with less efficient postal systems. If you have not received your item after the timelines detailed in the Shipping Policy, please contact us through orders@diamondpaintings.store

Please Note: Suppliers and Shipping Companies have been impacted by the ongoing Global Health Pandemic. For this reason, shipping can be delayed at times, taking 4-6 weeks. We are seeing a great improvement in delivery timeframes as companies have adjusted to new shipping procedures. There are occasions when shipping times are still impacted. Newer orders are being processed and delivered closer to pre Health Crisis timeframes more frequently.

What are your shipping rules?

Free Shipping. We cover the cost of shipping your order to you!
This gives our customers the ability to put the money they would have spent on shipping into a larger canvas for themselves, or they can just enjoy the Free Shipping.

Which size canvas should I get?

Beginners may want to choose the smaller canvases (30cm/12" or smaller). While the smaller canvases will have less detail compared to the larger sizes, they are less expensive and you can experience the joy of your first completed canvas much sooner. If you are looking for more detail with a more spectacular effect, then you should look at your medium to large canvas options

What exactly are the "diamonds"? What's the difference between "square" and "round"?

Diamonds are the myriad Square or Round rhinestones that come with every kit, waiting for you to paste them on the canvas! Square rhinestones fit more snugly together on the canvas, however will take a bit more precision and time to get just right. Round rhinestones are more forgiving but will leave tiny gaps. These gaps aren't noticeable from a reasonable distance because they are so small and the canvas background normally compensates for the space. We do recommend beginners give the Round diamonds a try first.

What's the difference between "full" and "partial"?

A full drill canvas means the pasting area is the entirety of the surface - to complete the project you will need to cover the entire picture. Partial simply means that only the designated areas need to be covered to complete the picture. Which one you ought to choose comes down to preference. (Most crafters prefer Full Pasting Area)

Can my kids do this activity?

This is typically an adult activity. That does not mean that there aren't great kid crafters out there, and it's also a great way for an adult to spend quality time with their child, Keep in mind - There are many small parts (the "diamond" rhinestones) that will be a choking hazard to toddlers. We will have a section soon that will contain super easy canvases specifically for children ages 4 to 10.

Will you add more designs?

We are adding more every day! Check back often, or sign up to our VIP newsletter to never miss any important updates.

How long does it take to complete a canvas?

This will depend on the size of the canvas you choose as well as the speed at which you can apply the diamonds to the painting. Generally since Round shaped diamonds are easier to paste, you will complete a Round Diamond Painting quicker compared to a Square one. 

How do I get a refund?

We strive to make sure every aspect of our customer's experience is fantastic, but on a rare occasion a mistake may happen. 

Please send us an email at support@diamondpaintings.store with any questions or issues you might have, and we will do everything we can make your experience as smooth as possible. 

Please see our Refund Policy by scrolling down on any page to "Returns", or click this link here: https://diamondpaintings.store/pages/returns 

How are the canvases packed? Does it come with a frame?

This varies depending on which design you order, but the canvas will either be packed in a padded mailbag or a padded rectangular box. Standard kits have 2 layers of protection; the canvas itself is wrapped around a foam tube to prevent creasing, and the entire package is twice wrapped in bubble wrap. You will have to source/purchase a frame separately.

I ordered multiple items and only received one?

We have multiple suppliers for Special products who may have different processing times. As a result, sometimes your orders may arrive at different times, but there is no need for worry; any remaining items will usually arrive within days of each other.

If you have any concerns shoot us an email to support@diamondpaintings.store

Help! I'm missing diamonds!

Please send us an email to support@diamondpaintings.store and we will aim to resolve your issue as a matter of priority. In the rare occasion that you are missing diamonds, then when you email us we will need photos provided in order to get you the missing diamonds. Please provide photos of:

  • the inventory / diamond color chart that came with the kit
  • photos of all diamond packets (any still in packets if you have already started the painting)
  • if you have started working on the canvas then pics of the canvas as well, specifically the areas you cannot complete without the missing diamonds

Why don't I have an email confirmation for my order?

Please make sure you check your junk mail/spam folder to ensure it hasn't ended up in there. Another common reason this happens is that you may have entered the incorrect email at checkout. Please send us an email from your preferred email address for assistance.

How secure is my personal information?

We don't compromise on privacy and security. Our store runs on a comprehensive web platform that is provided by Shopify, a worldwide e-commerce giant that has been in the business for over a decade. You can be assured your credit card information and other personal info is well protected.

We don’t sell, lease or otherwise distribute any personal customer information.

How do I contact you?

If you need to chat with us for any reason, whether to enquire about a product or to request a return/exchange, you can Email us at: support@diamondpaintings.store